Print is great but so is Digital! It might even be better.
Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Read Whenever, Wherever.

Instead of having to bring the Frontline magazine around, you can easily access the site to read up on the latest stories, or even stories from last year, as and when you like – hassle-free!

Stories at your fingertips, plus… (the next reason)

2. Exclusive content and inside scoops!

Have you seen the exclusive Behind-The-Scenes footages under our Videos segment?
Evidently, we aren’t able to embed these videos into Print and we think these videos are too interesting to miss! Additionally, we have stories from our Home Team men that you won’t be able to find elsewhere!

3. Stand a chance to win something from us.

If you don’t already know, Frontline Digital holds regular giveaways and being subscribed to Frontline Digital, you not only get to hear from us first hand, you also stand a greater chance to win*.

*Most contests require the member to be opted into Frontline Digital and out of Frontline Print.

We’ll inform you on the next giveaway!

Last but not least, the age-old reason…

4. You're saving the Earth!

Well, Green is the new Black.

What better way to protect the planet than by reducing print? Less chopping (of trees), less carbon footprint, etc you get the drift. Being eco-friendly is what Frontline is working towards. Go green with us, maybe?

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