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Living in Singapore, we have been truly fortunate to have experienced little or no natural disasters in our years of existence.

In some folks, that sense of gratitude has translated into a desire to help others further afield, sometimes at great risk to themselves. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our SCDF, which is the first organisation in the Asia-Pacific region to be classified by the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group as a heavy Urban Search and Rescue team. We chat with two Operationally Ready National Servicemen who have volunteered for Operation Lionheart.

May they be shining examples for us all to reach out to help our fellow human beings, at home or abroad.

With 9 August around the corner, we wish all Singaporeans a very happy National Day!

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This issue is dedicated to all the wonderful parents, in celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Meet MAJ (NS) Su Caizheng, a father of three who excels in his many National Service duties at SCDF, thanks to the support of his wife. It’s harmonious families like theirs that inspire us, along with fearless working mothers. Read about one such mum who volunteers at SCDF’s Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit. ‘

Juggling parenting duties with your career can leave you with little time to stay fit, so try out these simple exercises that you can do at work.

Finally, switch things up by taking your family for an adventurous meal this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Cheers to all our beloved guardians.

In light of World Health Day (Apr 7), this issue is a celebration of healthy living. In this edition of Frontline, we share the inspiring stories of Home Team NSmen who have made fitness a way of life, from a senior lecturer whose career was founded on his passion for sports, to a driven banker whose marital bond is strengthened by marathon training sessions.

We understand how hard it can be to fight your food cravings, living in a culinary paradise. Which is why we have rounded up some low-calorie alternatives to popular treats.

Finally check out some fun activities to enjoy with your families. We hope this issue will inspire you to live your best lives.