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As the climate protection movement gathers speed around the world, HomeTeamNS and our members too are actively championing eco-consciousness. The upcoming Khatib clubhouse is a reflection of this approach. Read how the new family-friendly premises will incorporate several energy-efficient features.

Meet our officers from the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force, who are also flying the flag for sustainability.

We continue to value our officers’ contributions towards the upkeep of law and order. Find out how the Foxtrot Division from the Police National Service forges a stronger camaraderie. We also applaud the Home Team volunteers who dedicate their time to the nation.

Together, we can protect our borders as well as the planet.

One of the most significant attributes of our society is multiculturalism. Our officers, and a dedicated team of volunteers, come from different backgrounds with one purpose: to safeguard our nation and give back to the community.

We shine the spotlight on the diversity in the Home Team – from a Singapore Police Force officer of Korean ethnicity to a mixed-race Signapore Civil Defence Force officer.

Recently, to commemmorate the 150 years of Civl Defence volunteerism in Singapore, a gala event was held to recognise the long-standing SCDF volunters who inspire all of us with their meaningful actions.

The 24th edition of the HomeTeamNS REAL Run next month also honours the untiring spirit of the SPF and the SCDF.
Let us celebrate our unity in diversity as one nation.

In this issue,

Living in Singapore, we have been truly fortunate to have experienced little or no natural disasters in our years of existence.

In some folks, that sense of gratitude has translated into a desire to help others further afield, sometimes at great risk to themselves. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our SCDF, which is the first organisation in the Asia-Pacific region to be classified by the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group as a heavy Urban Search and Rescue team. We chat with two Operationally Ready National Servicemen who have volunteered for Operation Lionheart.

May they be shining examples for us all to reach out to help our fellow human beings, at home or abroad.

With 9 August around the corner, we wish all Singaporeans a very happy National Day!