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Hope you had a good start to 2021. The events of the past year were unprecedented, given the catastrophic toll of COVID-19 on countries and people across the world. Yet in these dark times, the courage, resilience, leadership and unity displayed by our people have shone through. Take the case of ASP (NS) Ang Zichao. Despite being grounded during the Circuit Breaker period, the flight attendant maintained a positive mindset and took the opportunity to forge closer family ties, help distribute hand sanitisers and upgrade his skills.

Also in our first Frontline issue of the year: we help you live well in the new normal with tips on how to shop safely online and how to keep to your fitness resolutions; as well as highlight restaurants that offer you a chance to savour flavours from around the world without having to travel. We also highlight six fun activities you can do to rekindle old ties with your NS buddies.

Our COVID-19  fight is far from over, however. Let us not be complacent and instead, continue to observe safety measures, especially during this festive season. On behalf of everyone at HomeTeamNS, we wish you and your family a happy and prosperous Year of the Ox.

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2020 will be remembered for different reasons – and foremost among these is how Singaporeans have stayed #SGUnited and #SGTogether in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.. Through continued vigilance, resilience and adaptability, our nation has been able to take the road of safely reopening activities, albeit via small, measured steps. This is indeed cause for rejoicing.

Speaking of rejoicing, enjoy the holiday festivities – healthily and safely – by following our guide on how to Feast without Guilt, as well as family-friendly ways to bid the year farewell in Goodbye 2020.

This year is especially meaningful for HomeTeamNS, as we mark our 15th anniversary. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Home Team NSmen, past and present, for doing your part in keeping our homes secure and safe. And to all families, our heartfelt appreciation for supporting your husband, brother, and/or son in their service to the nation.

There is another group of people we want to acknowledge – our HomeTeamNS staff. For the past one-and-a-half decades, they have been the bedrock of our association’s success. In The People that Makes Great Company, a quartet of long-serving staff share their memorable experiences of working at our clubhouses. Do say “hi” the next time you meet them.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy 2021.

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One of the many things that make us proud to be Singaporeans is our willingness to step forward to help those in need – a quality that is even more vital to have today, given the uncertain times we live in. It does not have to be regular charitable work – even something as simple as pushing a wheelchair-bound person across the road or giving up your seat to a senior can make a lasting difference to people’s lives.

In the case of our cover personality, WO(1) (NS) Charles Fakhri Baz, having the heart to help others led him to extend his NSF term by two months to assist his teammates in a training mission. Even today, he uses the skills and knowledge acquired at the Force to help his community stay prepared for emergencies.

Similarly, SC/SGT(3) (NS) Muhammad Shakir Juanada, a two-time world silat champion who is now retired from professional sports, gives his time to mentor junior athletes. This is SC/SGT(3) (NS) Shakir’s way of paying it forward, as he had also been on the receiving end of assistance in his youth.

Remember, everyone can be an impact-maker – you just need to take the first step!

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As with all aspects of life, this year’s National Day celebrations will be notably different from the past due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruptions it has created. But even so, our love for Singapore remains undiminished. In this issue, we present creative ways of showing your patriotism at home, as well as introduce some must-try local dishes for a hearty festive meal at our Clubhouses’ eateries.

We also take a trip down memory lane with a retired SCDF Warrant Officer (2), as he fondly calls his participation in past National Day Parades.

Above all, we want to celebrate the strong Singapore spirit that has united the country and its people during this unprecedented time, DSP (NS) Farhan Abdullah Bin Shaiful Bahri, who works as an SIA flight attendant, may have been temporarily grounded, but he is using his service skills to care for patients at the Singapore General Hospital. Likewise, SCDF’s SGT (NSF) Esa Lim has maintained a positive attitude despite a hectic shift-based schedule, in his current task to safeguard our country against the pandemic.

To these two individuals and the many unsung heroes among us, we salute you!

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The past months have been challenging times. Pre-emptive measures against COVID-19, such as safe distancing, working from home and travel restrictions, have dramatically transformed the way we live. But even as the nation grapples with the pandemic, acts of courage have been witnessed on many fronts.

Take for example, LTA (NS) Muhammad Azrie Bin Razale from the SCDF’s Special Rescue Unit, and SPF’s SCSGT (1) Nur Hazeem Bin Abdul Nasser, who have both gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the community during this difficult period.

It may be some time before the situation improves, but with individuals like these in our midst, we are assured that no one is fighting the COVID-19 battle alone.

To help our members adapt to the ‘new normal’, we have included tips on exercising, ordering your meals and working remotely in this issue. We hope you find them useful and put you in good stead for the days ahead. Stay safe and united!

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Read the interviews with SCSGT (1) Darren Chan Jia Hao and CPL (NS) Muhammad Hafiz bin IBrahim, who highlight how sports help them stay focused and disciplined. This year, the Singapore Police Force celebrates its 200th anniversary – a momentous occasion for a much-respected organisation that has grown from a 12-man team to its current strength.

Last but not least, as we gear up for the opening of the new Khatib clubhouse, discover all the distinct facilities it has in store for everyone.

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With rapid digitalisation in workplaces, there is a greater emphasis on upgrading skills.

Our cover interview features CPL (NS) Muhammad Sholihin bin Rahman, whose work with Singapore Civil Defence Force involves complex rescue missions. To fulfill his role in the most efficient way he continues to keep abreast of techniques and protocols in various scenarios.

Similarly, SGT (1) (NS) Emmanual Tay shares the importance of learning not just technical skills but also managing emotions at work.
This is also the underlying message at the upcoming Khatib clubhouse, where members and visitors will be greeted with fun, interactive and informative features, setting new benchmarks in many aspects.

By learning and constantly improving, we can better protect our people and borders.

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As the climate protection movement gathers speed around the world, HomeTeamNS and our members too are actively championing eco-consciousness. The upcoming Khatib clubhouse is a reflection of this approach. Read how the new family-friendly premises will incorporate several energy-efficient features.

Meet our officers from the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force, who are also flying the flag for sustainability.

We continue to value our officers’ contributions towards the upkeep of law and order. Find out how the Foxtrot Division from the Police National Service forges a stronger camaraderie. We also applaud the Home Team volunteers who dedicate their time to the nation.

Together, we can protect our borders as well as the planet.

One of the most significant attributes of our society is multiculturalism. Our officers, and a dedicated team of volunteers, come from different backgrounds with one purpose: to safeguard our nation and give back to the community.

We shine the spotlight on the diversity in the Home Team – from a Singapore Police Force officer of Korean ethnicity to a mixed-race Signapore Civil Defence Force officer.

Recently, to commemmorate the 150 years of Civl Defence volunteerism in Singapore, a gala event was held to recognise the long-standing SCDF volunters who inspire all of us with their meaningful actions.

The 24th edition of the HomeTeamNS REAL Run next month also honours the untiring spirit of the SPF and the SCDF.
Let us celebrate our unity in diversity as one nation.