What better way to learn about SCSGT (1) Daren Chan Jia Hao than through the following five fun facts?

1. What makes a good sportsperson?

It’s difficult to motivate yourself to excel in sports if you’re alone. So it’s important to have friends who can motivate you to play and train in a sport.

2. Who are your favourite sports personalities and why?

My favourite sports idol is NBA player Stephen Curry. I like him because he revolutionised the game of basketball by inspiring teams to aim for the three-point shot, which players score when they shoot the ball outside of the semi-circle. Traditionally, basketball has been more about ‘dunking’, where a player jumps into the air and puts the ball into the rim.

3. How has your active interest in sports inspired your friends and family to keep a healthy and active lifestyle?

My family members are not the active type so I try to organise physical activities such as badminton, cycling or fishing when we plan our outings.

4. What new sports goals or activities do you hope to achieve in 2020?

I took part in the Kin-ball Asian Cup in 2016, where we won the fourth place but I missed the 2019 World Cup as I was serving NS. I am now training for the 2021 Asian Cup and I hope to score a medal this time.

5. What are the three things that matter most to you?

Communication, teamwork and making new friends.