Take this quiz to find out how much you know about aquatic fitness forms.

1. Running underwater helps you to improve your running on land.



Running underwater activates different muscles to help you overcome the drag and this in turn helps you to develop more power for running on the ground.

2. Underwater workouts are only for those looking to recover from injuries.



You can get a workout in the water that is just as tough as a land-based one. The resistance created by the water makes for an excellent full-body workout.

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3. You burn less calories in the water.



It all depends on the intensity of the workout! In fact, swimming has been found to shred more calories than walking and as many as jogging.

4. You should always hydrate even when in the pool.



Just because you don’t see yourself perspiring doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need water. Consume water if your workout is under an hour and a sports drink if it’s more than that.

5. You are just as likely to suffer from heat injuries while working out in the pool.



The water naturally helps to cool you down. In fact, water helps to disperse heat better than air. Just be sure to slap on some sunscreen!

6. Working out underwater helps reduce blood pressure.



The buoyancy of water actually helps your blood to circulate more effectively which in turn reduces the stress on your heart to pump blood around the body.

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